An aerial picture of Hastings, taken in 2005 SUS-210403-160445001An aerial picture of Hastings, taken in 2005 SUS-210403-160445001
An aerial picture of Hastings, taken in 2005 SUS-210403-160445001

15 Hastings pubs and bars reopening their beer gardens on April 12

Restaurants and pubs across the country will be allowed to serve customers sitting outdoors from next week, as part of the government’s current roadmap out of lockdown.

As part of the easing of restrictions, customers will be allowed to drink alcohol in beer gardens, or a venue’s outdoor facility, from April 12.

In Hastings, a total of 15 venues have so far confirmed they will be opening for outdoor seating from this date.

The following list has been compiled by Hastings Barwatch, a scheme set up to help reduce the level of crime committed at bars across Hastings.

John Bownas, the manager of Hastings Barwatch, said: “If April brings sunshine it looks like pub tables are going to be in short supply in Hastings with so few venues having enough outdoor space to make it worthwhile opening their doors. And even those that do decide to start service will probably struggle to turn a profit if they only have space for limited numbers.

“Pubs are reminded that the council has a far more flexible licensing system running up until September this year, so if they do have space outside on the pavement that could be used for more tables and chairs it is worth putting in an application at”

Mr Bownas said of the 18 pubs and bars that responded to questions about when they plan to reopen, nine were not confident in the June date set for the full re-opening of the entertainment industry. He said the remainder were only ‘cautiously’ expecting it to happen.

“None are 100 per cent certain things will return to normal then,” added Mr Bownas.

If your pub or bar is opening outdoor spaces on April 12, please email [email protected].