Amazon delivery driver leaves St Leonards woman's package in dustbin

A St Leonards woman was shocked to receive a photo from an Amazon delivery driver showing that her package had been left in a full waste bin.
Amazon package is delivered to waste binAmazon package is delivered to waste bin
Amazon package is delivered to waste bin

Pippa Casely said: “Didn’t it occur to the delivery driver that a full bin on the road, where everyone else’s bin is also out, might mean that it is rubbish collection day?”

She believes that the package, containing a harness for her dog, probably ended up in landfill.

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Pippa could see the funny side though and said: “At least they put it in my bin and not my neighbour’s. Amazon are sending me a refund.”

Despite the incident, a survey conducted by Which in September 2022 and involving 3,144 UK shoppers, rated customer satisfaction over deliveries at 89 percent. A number of people though have experienced packages being stolen after they were left on doorsteps. According to data, parcel theft has risen by 57 per cent in the past year, with the average reported value of a stolen parcel £66.50. If you set a 'safe place' and your parcel was stolen from there, this is unfortunately your responsibility. However, if your parcel was left anywhere that you did not yourself specify, you will be able to receive a refund or a replacement.

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