Artists perform 450ft above Brighton beach on the i360 ahead of Stress Awareness Day

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The artists want the performance to raise awareness and discuss mental health in the music industry
The artists want the performance to raise awareness and discuss mental health in the music industry

Artists including former Harry Styles singer Charlotte Clark, and rapper, R.A.E performed on the British Airways i360 in Brighton to raise awareness of mental health in the music industry.

The video of the performance will be released on Saturday (November 6) on the British Airways i360 and Liberty Music PR’s Youtube pages to mark Stress Awareness Day.

The artists, who are represented by Liberty Music PR, and ‘We are Hummingbird’ a non-profit charity recorded the powerful video project whilst 450ft above Brighton beach.

The video from the performance on the i360 will go live on Stress Awareness Day

The team hope the video will encourage people to open-up and engage in conversation with others when they’re feeling stressed or low.

R.A.E is a singer, rapper and songwriter that is known for her nostalgic 90s sound. She said: "I believe that we all go through tough times in life, some harder than others but at the end of it all we tend to rise above the issue. That is why I chose this name, R.A.E which stands for Rising Above Everything. In 2017, I was feeling extremely depressed, constantly crying in my room. During that crying session, I said to myself, ‘Do you know what Rae? You're going to rise above everything!’ I decided that I would continue to overcome my problems, so I changed ‘rise’ to ‘rising’ and came up with ‘Rising Above Everything’."

Charlotte Clark, who formerly went by the stage name ARK, began performing alongside One Direction’s Harry Styles in late 2019. Charlotte played the piano and guitar and sang with the band in major shows such as U.S entertainment show, Saturday Night Live.

Now working on her solo music, Charlotte said: “As a musician, I try to be as open as possible with my fans and peers through my music to help those listening to it, and even though that can feel super scary and vulnerable, it always makes things feel a little lighter. We’re all human and usually all feel very similar things.”

Liberty Music PR supports independent artists from across the world in introducing their music to playlisting platforms, the press and social media.

The video will be released on the Liberty Music and BAi360’s Youtube channel at mid-day on November 6.

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