Bexhill residents brand proposed 5G phone mast a ‘monstrosity’ and ‘eyesore’

Proposals to place a 5G mast on the roof of a block of flats in Bexhill has attracted widespread opposition.

Objectors outside Cumberland Court in Bexhill SUS-211020-104013001
Objectors outside Cumberland Court in Bexhill SUS-211020-104013001

Plans have been put forward to put the installation on the roof of Cumberland Court, in Upper Sea Road.

The application by Cornerstone is a proposed telecommunications rooftop installation upgrade and associated ancillary works.

But residents have branded the proposed mast a ‘monstrosity’ and ‘eyesore’.

Dru Tramaseur said: “This should not be allowed in a residential area between the two conservation areas of Bexhill town centre and Bexhill Old Town.

Clearly such an installation is wholly unacceptable in this location and on any residential building. Residents of Cumberland Court already suffer damage to their property caused by the existing array, and they also suffer from noise and vibration from the existing antennae which are far lower than the proposed mast.”

Objectors have written to Rother District Council on its online planning portal to express their concern.

David Stanbridge said: “I object to the increasing in size and height of what is already a hideous eyesore in our town.”

Sally Hennessey said: “It will be both unsightly and take away from the historical feel in the town centre that residents and associations are working so hard to preserve.”

Alice Armstrong said: “This mast is proposed to be 70 per cent higher than the existing one, this will be a distraction for drivers near the school and will be an eyesore and ruin the nature of our historic town.”

Elizabeth Robinson said: “I object to this monstrosity. The proposal is ugly, it will be an eyesore and out of character with the residential area.”

But some residents supported the proposals.

Peter Kempthorne said: “This is great news for Bexhill. Higher internet speeds are always good and important for the local area.”

And Bexhill Chamber of Commerce has voiced support.

It said: “To attract business investment that will drive growth Bexhill and the surrounding area need access to cutting edge technology and this is driven by access to 5G.

“This 5G development is the start point for Bexhill to finally stop looking into the past and start looking to its future as a town that welcomes investment. 5G technology is the underlying technology that will drive many upcoming technological changes including autonomous transport systems and the ‘internet of things’. Bexhill should welcome this leap forwards and the investment it represents.

“However we have reservations about the lack of any architectural integrity to the tower and would rather see a recommendation that the strut structure should be encased in a ‘building’ to give the impression of a lighthouse-type tower rather than a mere open metal work frame. This would enhance the landscape and actually create an focal point for what is currently a rather uninspiring flat block.”

In a letter to Rother District Council planners, Sitec Infrastructure Services Ltd, agents for the applicant, Cornerstone, said: “The application is identified as the most suitable site option and design that balances operational need with local planning policies and national planning policy guidance.

“It will deliver public benefit in terms of the mobile services it will provide.”