Large numbers of visitors were pictured at Birling Gap on Monday

Birling Gap: Visitors stand perilously close to cliff edge despite warnings

Visitors to Birling Gap have been standing near the cliff edge and posing for photographs today (Monday, May 25) despite warnings to keep well away.

By Sam Morton
Monday, 25th May 2020, 6:25 pm
Updated Monday, 25th May 2020, 7:14 pm

Large numbers of visitors were pictured at popular tourist location with some people standing perilously close to the cliff edge. Coastguard teams and local councils have been asking people to respect the coastline and not put their lives, or the lives of emergency service workers, in danger. On Sunday, a young girl was pictured peering over the edge of Birling Gap, prompting Wealden District Council to remind visitors of the dangers. Its warning read: “We know we’re always saying it, but for good reason after yesterday’s near miss at Birling Gap. Please stay away from the cliff edge. Is it really worth risking your life for?” In a post on social media earlier today, East Sussex County Council wrote: As the sunshine continues over the bank holiday, many local authorities are urging people not to travel to the coast. But if you do, remember that cliff falls can happen at any time. Stay well away from cliff edges and bases.” The message was echoed by Eastbourne Borough Council, which highlighted a recent cliff fall in Peacehaven, a person trapped by the tide in Seaford and people sitting on the edge of the cliff in Eastbourne.

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