'Bizarre' letter claiming Covid rules are 'genocide' sent to West Sussex schools

A 'bizarre' letter which claims mask-wearing is genocide among a range of other lies has been sent to West Sussex schools.

The letter, signed off by 'We the living people of the soil' is titled, 'Unlawful Covid 19 regulations and abuse of the use of emergency powers' and is riddled with conspiracy theories.

These include describing the rules around wearing masks indoors and on public transport as 'genocide'.

The document cites the 800-year-old royal charter, the Magna Carta as well as claiming the Nuremberg trials, which sought to bring Nazi war criminals to justice, were underway again.

Part of the 'bizarre' letter sent to some West Sussex schools

Mentions of the alleged 'roll-out of biological weapons' are believed to refer to Covid-19 vaccinations by medical professionals due to take place in secondary schools.

A spokesperson for West Sussex County Council confirmed that a number of schools in the county had received the letter.

James Field, headteacher of St Wilfrid's Catholic Primary School in Chichester said: "It's not just us, there's been a few. The one I got was bizarre but some people have been getting quite threatening ones.

"It's hard to tell who it is from but I know some people have been getting more legitimate looking ones.

"It's just a waste of time — it wastes our time and theirs and it goes completely against the advice, we are just trying to keep the children safe. It's not helpful."

Labour MP Liz Kendall spoke about similar letters being sent to headteachers in parliament this month.

Speaking at a debate on the vaccination of children, Ms Kendall said: "I am appalled that some of our headteachers have received threats via letter and on social media — including threats of legal action, and even death threats — accusing them of supposedly promoting illegal medical experimentation on children.

"That is disgraceful and completely unacceptable."