Brand new live game experience at award-nominated Crawley town centre escape rooms

A Crawley town centre escape room has announced a new live game experience.

After an successful opening in late 2020, Hounds Escape Game Experiences, like many other entertainment venues closed its doors for lockdown.

Work continued behind the scenes and last month the family-run business re-opened their 5 star, award nominated, debut live game experience Questionable Ethics.

But the same time, they announced a brand new live game experience which has now also opened at the HOUNDS venue in Crawley Town Centre.

Southern Dis-Comfort is HOUNDS’ newest live game attraction

Southern Dis-Comfort is Hounds’ newest live game attraction. Themed around hillbillys, motorbikes and moonshine, “Southern Dis-Comfort” is completely immersive, full of hidden secrets and will put your observation and perception skills to the test.

In just over two weeks of being open and plenty of 5 star reviews flooding in, critics and escape game enthusiasts are calling their new game an “Absolutely brilliant experience” and a “Must see escape game”

Both live games: “Questionable Ethics” and “Southern Dis-comfort” are located at the Hounds Escape Game Experiences venue in Crawley town centre and are available to book now at

Both live games: “Questionable Ethics” and “Southern Dis-comfort” are located at the HOUNDS Escape Game Experiences venue in Crawley town centre and are available to book now at

What actually is Hounds? And what is an escape game?

It’s theatrical, it’s immersive, it’s atmospheric. Hounds’ live games throw you in to another world.

Your adventure begins when you meet a quirky character on arrival, you will then have 60 minutes to complete the challenges, play the games, solve the puzzles and ultimately reveal the end of your story. Along the way you’ll discover places you’ve never seen before, full of authentic props and set design, including interactive actors to guide you to success, as well as creative special effects - smoke, lights, sounds and smells.

The Hounds venue features a licensed bar and trendy seating area for players to have tea, coffee, beer, wine or spirits on arrival and they are welcome to stay in the bar after their game, relax and interact with the actors and staff.

HOUNDS Escape Game Experiences is based in Queens Square

Hounds Escape Game Experiences has received unprecedented reviews, been named “Crawley’s best attraction” and even been nominated for the international award of “best escape room in the world” in the “top escape rooms project”

Hounds Escape Game Experiences is based at 12-13 Queens Square, Crawley, RH10 1DY. For more information and bookings, call 01293 307563, email [email protected] or visit

And who is behind Hounds?

Hounds is a family run business. Julie, Brian and David (Mum, Dad and Son) decided Crawley needed something out of this world. With a love for creativity and inspired by other great attractions in tourist hot-spots like London and Brighton, they committed to building an immersive experience in the ever-growing mini-city that they live in.

Since their opening in October 2020, they had an extremely rough start during multiple lockdowns, but despite this, have been immensely popular with locals and even bringing tourists to Crawley from as far away as Cornwall and Wales. They have just recruited their first four staff members and have big plans in the future to expand their collection of experiences and provide more local jobs to actors and hospitality workers.