Chichester taxi drivers say they support railway strikes - despite losing business

Taxi drivers on the rank outside the Chichester Railway station have expressed support for the ongoing RMT strikes, despite it costing them business.

“We usually do about ten jobs a day from the rank, and I've had one today,” said Chichester driver Mark, who said the railway station has been ‘absolutely dead’ for most of the day.

"But I back the RMT. I really support the workers. I want them to win – if they do it sets the stage for better conditions for everyone.”

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The comments come as RMT strikes cause disruption to railway service up and down the country.

Chichester cab driver John

Strikes are planned for today (June 21), and further action is planned on Thursday and Saturday.

With London Underground workers also striking today, it’s the biggest industrial action seen in the sector for thirty years, and organisers say they are fighting for better pay and conditions after wage freezes introduced in 2020 have amounted to pay cuts as the cost of living rises.

Rail bosses, meanwhile, have argued that the railways were heavily subsidised during the pandemic and that this, combined with increased running costs and reduced revenue from fares over the last two years, means meeting union demands simply isn’t possible.

"There’s no point going into the rank at the moment,” added taxi driver John.

"You might get the odd person who knows they might find a taxi there, but other than that there’s nothing.

"But I think anything that will mess the government up at the moment, is a good thing.”

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