Clean up of two historic Hastings lifeboats to get underway thanks to generous local firm

Work is to start immediately on maintenance and a spring clean for the two historic Hastings lifeboats.


The Priscilla Macbean and Cyril and Lillian Bishop, which stand at the gateway to Hastings Old Town, both need repair work after being exposed to the elements for a long while.

Now local Old Town based company Trade Paints have stepped in to take a lead with the project and are supplying materials for the clean-up.

Hastings Lifeboat (Priscilla Macbean) SUS-190416-094719001

Dee Day White, from the Lifeboat Trust, said: “It is good news for the people of Hastings and our two iconic lifeboats.

Trade Paints have been on board since the arrival of the Priscilla Macbean, having been found abandoned in a field and rescued by Tush Hamilton and myself.

“This local company, who show great support to the community have taken the tiller again, providing lots of help. Thank you Trade Paints.

“During an on-site meeting with our project team this week, a local van stopped and the driver came over and asked how much interest there had been in our appeal for the boats to have a make-over.

“There have been lots of offers of help, but it has been hard to organise with odd days here and there and different people on different jobs.

“So it was decided the responsibility would be given to one person - a bit different from the original project, which had a team of twelve volunteers.

“Now, five years on the work seems to be almost under control and Tush knows what to look for.

The van driver, being a professional painter and decorator, showed a lot of interest and not only offered advice but also a wonderful boost to our funds with a donation on the spot. Thank you Colin may for your help.

“The work will start immediately, now the weather has improved, ready for the summer and our exciting fund raising event in June. A beep and a wave as you go past would be appreciated.”

Commenting on the work needed on the boats, Dee Day said: “Poor Priscilla lives in the shade of two larger trees and never sees the sun.

“She therefore stays damp and at 98 years old, the damp is getting into her bones and she needs a make-over, namely filler, undercoat, primer and gloss after having a good rub-down.

“The Ghost of Dunkirk (Cyril and Lilian Bishop) stands proudly outside All Saints Church all day with the sun on her starboard side.

“All her planking (she is diagonally built) is beginning to open up, as all wood built boats do, especially at the age of 88. Again rubbing down is needed with undercoat, primer and gloss and lots of varnish work.”

If you can help call Dee Day on 07812 077008 or Tush Hamilton on 07546 461302.