Community heroes to be honoured at new health and wellbeing centre

A new health and wellbeing centre in Chichester will name its therapy rooms after community heroes nominated by the public.

The old sales building for Graylingwell Park is to become The Pavilion, a wellness centre for Chichester
The old sales building for Graylingwell Park is to become The Pavilion, a wellness centre for Chichester

The Chichester Community Development Trust (CCDT) wants to honour those who have made a difference in the community as part of its new wellness hub.

The new centre, the Pavilion, is due to open this June and was formerly the sales building on Havenstone Park.

The revamped building will include a pop-in café, fitness studio overlooking the park and five therapy rooms. Fitness experts will provide classes such as yoga, pilates and HIIT workouts along with evening workshops in the fitness studio, while a range of services will be available in the therapy rooms from talking therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy to reiki, massage and heartmath, as well as health and life coaching.

CCDT was set up to represent the needs of new communities on the Graylingwell and Roussillon Park sites in Chichester, and the Pavilion was funded by money collected from housing developers to spend on community improvements and facilities.

The charity received £141,250 released by Chichester District Council for the project.

Clare de Bathe, trust director at CCDT said: “The funding received from Chichester District Council will make such a tangible difference to this project. It will enable us to support even more people to feel stronger and better as we move on from the immense impact that COVID-19 will leave behind, caring for their bodies and minds.

“This is the most exciting, and well-timed project to be launching this summer.

“Just as we are once again able to connect with others and begin to build our bodies and minds back up, we will be opening this beautiful space, sat right alongside the beautiful Havenstoke Park.

“We are so pleased that, as part of this project, we are able to recognise the immense work others have done to care for the community. They are our inspiration and we will be proud to have their names on the doors.”

Anybody wanting to nominate a local community member, including those no longer with us, are invited to do so by emailing the CCDT team at [email protected], with details of those they wish to nominate.

Further information on The Pavilion project can be found on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter @thepavilionchichester.