Coronavirus: Dame Vera Lynn reassures community in ‘uncertain times’

Forces’ sweetheart Dame Vera Lynn has urged people to ‘keep calm’ as we face uncertain times due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Ditchling resident, who turns 103 this Friday (March 20), referenced back to the Second World War when communities ‘all pulled together’.

In a statement released to this newspaper, she said: “In these uncertain times, I am taken back to my time during World War II, when we all pulled together and looked after each other.

“It is this spirit that we all need to find again to weather the storm of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Dame Vera Lynn turns 103 this Friday (March 20)

“It’s important to remain positive, keep calm and follow the sensible advice provided by the Government at this difficult time.”

Dame Vera Lynn boosted the nation’s morale during the darkest days of World War Two.

She provided hope and reassurance for Allied troops and families.

She has also been honoured countless times in her lifetime for her services to entertainment and charity.

Dame Vera Lynn with her daughter, Virginia Lewis-Jones

Speaking about turning 103 this Friday, she commented: “Thank you all for the kind gifts, cards and gestures I received to celebrate my birthday this year.

“0nce again, I am overwhelmed by everyone’s kindness and generosity, and am so grateful to you all for helping me to mark this milestone.

“I feel very fortunate to have reached 103, and my day will be made all the more special by hearing from people all around the world.

“Thank you also for your generosity towards my Charitable Trust as I care very much about the work it does and the donations received around my birthday are the best gift imaginable.”