Coronavirus: Sussex mum launches Facebook group encouraging people to paint rocks and pebbles to show their appreciation of the NHS

Sussex mum of two Fran Aiello is urging people to get creative by painting rocks and pebbles to show their appreciation for the NHS.

Fran’s children Bluebell, aged seven, and Dexter 22 months have been joining in showing their artistic skills.

Fran, from Hove, explained: “The Facebook group has members from all around the UK. We are painting NHS themed rocks to show our appreciation to the NHS. “There are loads of lovely ones on there already and I am hoping to send them too the hospital to give out to the staff.

“It is a really good activity for children to do and it will give them a sense of achievement. Bluebell has been doing loads and loves looking to see how many likes the group is getting.


Commenting on how the project came about, Fran said: “We have a massive overgrown garden and I thought what a perfect opportunity to get the kids out helping and discovering nature. We came across some rocks Bluebell had collected from the beach ages ago and decided to paint them. And then I thought why not paint them NHS related and when the lockdown is over hide them around the city for NHS staff to find to show them how amazing they are.

“It started off as me wanting to do it in Brighton and Hove but then I ended up sharing the page and we have some amazing people from the UK getting involved and painting them.

“We painted loads and added them to my page and since then other people have been adding theirs, their designs are out of this world I never knew you could make a rock look so amazing.

“NHS staff can always have one on their desk and decide to take them home. Even on their days off they may even want to try rock painting it is very relaxing.”

Fran is also planning on getting some pin badges made with NHSROCKS on them and a rainbow.