Council answers Place St Maur questions

Arun District Council has answered residents’ questions about the ongoing Place St Maur project between the seafront and the town centre.

The answers come as the project continues to shape up, prompting residents and business owners to ask questions about the rate of progress and the materials used.

“There’s lots of work going on to progress the project and some temporary measures (have been put in) place while we wait for materials to become available – a waiting game faced by project managers up and down the country,” a council spokesperson said.

Included among these temporary measures is the shingle around the trees and the base black tarmac used throughout the project.

Work continues on the Place St Maur project

According to the council’s spokesperson, these are set to change to coloured surfacing, as per the final design.

New planting and turf is also being planned, and has been watered regularly throughout the hot weather.

The Place St Maur project was originally scheduled for completion by summer, leading to some complaints about delays. The council said this is down to the delayed delivery of materials: “The difficulties faced by the construction industry have delayed the delivery of some of the materials, but we requested, but we will get there,” the spokesperson said.

They went on to add: “The main contractor is set to finish on site soon, at which point the water jets will be commissioned.

“To allow the space to be flexible for events, all the pipes are already in place underground, so it’ll be all systems go once we get the green light.”

It is hoped the work, which started back in October last year, will make for an attractive and welcoming space designed to funnel guests and residents from the town centre to the seafront.

£1.5 million has been spent on the project, including a £1.2 million grant from the Coast to Capital fund. Once finished, the Place St Maur will feature soft landscaping, water jets, new seating and lighting.

Plans were cemented in January 2021, following an extensive public consultation period during which members of the public were invited to have their say on proposed plans and suggest ideas for the area.

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