COURAGEOUS YOUNGSTER: Brave Georgina is nominated

A PROUD mum has said her daughter is an example to others after managing to walk just days after a serious back operation.

Teresa Denis, of Raleigh Way, Worthing, has said her 13-year-old daughter, Georgina Dawson, is an “inspiration” and has nominated her for the courageous youngster category in this year’s Community Stars Award.

The teenager, who attends Durrington High School, had to have major back surgery last summer after it was found her spine was crooked.

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Teresa, 41, said: “After a back operation she was up walking within five days while most people would be out of it for three to four months.

“She did not want to stay in bed.

“She was very brave, never cried, never complained, and is an inspiration to all.”

Georgina, a former West Park School pupil, was diagnosed with scoliosis when she was nine year old, a condition where her spine is curved 52 per cent to the left.

Teresa said she first became concerned about Georgina after she noticed her daughter was falling over a lot while at school.

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Despite doctors telling her it was nothing to worry about, Teresa asked her friend, a nurse, to look at her.

It was her friend who then voiced concern that Georgina may have the spine condition – something which was later confirmed.

The Worthing mum was told by doctors if an operation did not go ahead her spine would place too much pressure on the young girl’s organs, resulting in her dying.

However, the youngster was so terrified about the looming hi-tec operation that she had to put it off three times.

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Georgina, who plays rounders for the East Preston Devils, said: “I was really scared because I did not know what was happening.

“People said if I did not have the operation I would die but I turned it down three times because I was scared.

“I was really worried because if something went wrong I did not know what would happen.”

During a six-hour operation at Great Ormond Street Hospital, in London, Georgina had two titanium rods inserted into her back as well as bolts, metal pins and two magnetic earth balls.

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Following her operation last June the teenager had to wear a back brace and has to be stretched every six months at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (Stanmore) in London.

Teresa said: “Even if she is in a lot of pain, she has still kept going.

“She tries to take part in all sports – playing football for the school and she does rounders for her school.

“She terrifies me because she wants to do everything.”

Teresa said it was thanks to the support from her mum Francoies Denis and West Park School that the family managed to cope with the ordeal.

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