Disabled resident’s dismay at ‘poor state’ of accessible toilet in Lewes

The accessible toilet at Friars Walk in Lewes. Photo by Peter Cripps
The accessible toilet at Friars Walk in Lewes. Photo by Peter Cripps

A disabled resident has hit out at the council over the ‘poor state’ of an accessible toilet in Lewes.

The resident, who does not wish to be named for personal reasons, said she has reported it to Lewes District Council three times but nothing has been done.

Photo by Peter Cripps

Photo by Peter Cripps

She said: “I am one of many wheelchair users who sometimes require an accessible toilet.

“I have reported to Lewes council about the poor state of the accessible toilet in Friars Walk, Lewes.

“I could not open the door from the inside and was dismayed to find no emergency phone, number, or an alarm cord. I was eventually released by a passer-by.

“It has been weeks and no repairs have been done. I have reported it three times now.”

The resident said there was no other accessible toilet in the Cliffe precinct, which she said was alarming for a town reliant on the tourist trade.

A spokesman for Lewes District Council said: “We are sorry for the distress this resident experienced.

“We have replaced the lock on this toilet. Officers do undertake regular checks and the new lock is in good working order.

“Unfortunately, the toilet has been subject to occasional vandalism and additional repairs are being undertaken.”

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