Seal rescue on Hastings BeachSeal rescue on Hastings Beach
Seal rescue on Hastings Beach

Distressed seals rescued from Hastings beach

Two seals in distress were rescued from Hastings beach on Wednesday in a six hour operation.

The operation was carried out by the Sussex Lookout Team, in conjunction with police community support officer and member of the British Divers marine Life Rescue.

Will Chapman, Director of Sussex Lookout Team, said: “We were receiving reports from members of the public in Hastings and asked us to assist a seal in distress. It had been there from 2pm until 8pm, it was still alive after all that time.“Just a couple of hours later my colleague Jesse King noticed another seal in Hastings Old Town which was also in the same situation of distress but professionals from British Divers Marine Life Rescue assisted and handled the seals very well. Sussex Police PCSO's were also in attendance and were very helpful.“Although Seals look cute to approach and pet, please stay well back as they do bite and you could end up with a nasty infection.”

Both seals were crated and sent to the RSPCA’s Mallydams Wood Centre at Fairlight, which as facilities for looking after seals.