Dog Friendly Sussex: Adorable rescue puppies born in kennels celebrate first Christmas in new homes

Seven Dachshund puppies born at a Sussex animal rescue are celebrating their first Christmas in their forever homes.

The puppies, who were all given woodland animal themed names, were born on November 6, 2022 at Dogs Trust Shoreham, to mum Trixie.

Badger, Mole, Mouse, Vole, Weasel, Twiglet, and Squirrel all went to forever homes in January 2023 – making them the first dogs to be adopted from the Shoreham centre this year.

Trixie additionally found her forever family at the beginning of this year, resulting in a happy ending for both mum and pups.

Adel Burnett, centre manager at Dogs Trust Shoreham said: “We are delighted that this litter of Dachshund puppies have been able to find a forever home.

“[Trixie] safely gave birth to her litter at Dogs Trust Shoreham, and all the pups were looked after by the wonderful staff here.

“Once they were healthy and able, we were delighted to find them loving forever families – with who they’ve been living with for nearly a year now!”

Mum and puppies are now happily living across the UK – in the Isle of Wight, London, Sussex, Middlesex, County Durham, and Southampton, Dogs Trust said.

Of the litter, only Twiglet has kept a woodland themed name, while Badger is now Bella, Squirrel is Nelly, Vole is Benji, Mole is Otto, Mouse is Freya, and Weasel is Pearl.

The pups have settled into their homes ‘wonderfully’, with Freya attending and successfully graduating, from Dogs Trust Dog School!

Some of the new forever families have even been in touch with each other – and are planning to meet up in the new year with their pooches.