Dog Friendly Sussex: Chichester named as a top pet-friendly holiday hotspot for staycations in the UK

Chichester has been named among the UK’s top cities for pet-friendly staycations.

The city placed fourth out of 73 cities in the UK for its high percentage of pet friendly holiday accommodations.

Airbnb management company GuestReady compiled the listings that allow you to bring a pet as a proportion of the city’s total listings.

Carlisle was found to be the most pet-friendly city with nearly 60 per cent of its 102 Airbnb listings being pet-friendly, while London placed last.

A spokesperson for GuestReady said: “For many people, pets are like family, so leaving them in kennels or with strangers when going on holiday doesn’t feel like a viable option. Therefore, it is particularly useful to know which cities are the most accommodating of pets, ahead of planning your trip.

“The findings reveal that larger cities such as London, Birmingham and Liverpool offer some of the fewest options for those looking to bring their furry friends away with them.

“This is perhaps due to some Airbnb hosts seeing pets in their property as a cleaning expense they would rather avoid, especially if demand for accommodation is high in their city and they don’t need to compete as much with other listings.”

Luckily, there are also many places in Chichester where you can venture out of your accommodation with your dog in tow.

From beautiful walks to dog-friendly pubs and restaurants, and even a festival dedicated to dogs – there is no shortage of things to do on a wonderful day out with your pooch.

Take a look below to see our selection.