Dogs Trust Dog of the Week: Meet Sully – a sweet, yet sensitive, 10-year-old lurcher

Playful Sully is looking for a peaceful lifestyle with patient adopters

Despite his age, the endearing 10-year-old still has much love to give and would like to find a home with understanding adopters who can dedicate lots of their time to him.

While he appreciates the quieter side of life, Sully is very much a playful dog and still has plenty of energy to enjoy a game of fetch with his favourite friends or explore on long, scent-filled walks.

He also enjoys learning new things and is always keen to show off his tricks in return for tasty treats — Dogs Trust say that watching Sully do his 'slow-mo spin' is bound to melt your heart.

Sully, a 10-year-old lurcher at Dogs Trust, is looking for a home.

The senior lurcher dreams of leading a calm and peaceful lifestyle, in a home that is situated away from the hustle and bustle of busy neighbourhoods and loud roads.

Sully prefers to keep to himself rather than interact with other dogs and can be apprehensive when they approach too closely. He requires a garden of his own and will need to live as the only pet.

Owing to his sensitive nature, Sully gets overwhelmed in the presence of children and finds alone-time unsettling. He must live in an adult-only household, with multiple family members to keep him company.

It will take some patience, a gentle approach and plenty of tasty treats-but once you've earned Sully's trust, he will be the most loving and loyal best friend.

If you think you could Change the Tale for Sully, visit for more information.

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