Eastbourne man goes ‘three months without mail being delivered to his flat’

An Eastbourne man said he went three months without receiving mail through his letter box.

An Eastbourne man said he went three months without receiving mail through his letter box.

Mario Bellame, 85, said the issue started in June of this year as his mail was delivered to the wrong section of his building.

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Mr Bellame said the problem is that he is in the external basement flat of the building but his mail is being put in the main entrance, which he struggles to get to due to his disabilities.

Mario Bellame SUS-210610-110516001

The Queens Gardens resident said, “I have to walk up 12 steps to go up to the pavement to wait in my wheelchair for the postman and ask him if he has any mail.

“I am going to do a demonstration. Some people are going to help me make posters and I will go to the post office to try and attract some attention to this issue.

“Please, I cannot go on like this. I cannot even walk.”

Mr Bellame said it is important he receives his mail on time as he has to be in contact with the NHS.

Mario Bellame on his crutches SUS-210610-110451001

He said, “They deliver the mail and parcels to the other address.

“For me it is very important because I need the follow ups from the hospital and if I do not get the mail then I don’t know.

“I have missed two appointments. It is costing the taxpayer hundreds.”

Mr Bellame explained that on one occasion he took a taxi to an appointment that had been cancelled without his knowledge - as he was meant to be informed via mail.

Some of the steps outside Mario Bellame's flat SUS-210610-110504001

A card from the bank also had to be cancelled as it never arrived, according to Mr Bellame.

He said, “I understand there are people worse than I am but I am in a very bad state.

“I wait every morning at half past 11. I take my dressing gown and my chair and see if there is anything.”

Mr Bellame said despite visiting the post office and informing the postman of the issue, since June he has received just one delivery of mail on October 5.

He said he has since stopped waiting for the postman.

A Royal Mail spokesperson said, “Every single parcel, letter and card is important to us. We are very sorry that this customer has been experiencing delivery problems and we are looking into the situation.

“We are checking our access to the address and additionally where mail is being left for this customer. We do not have any reported mail delays in the area. We are doing everything we can to address this customer’s concerns.”