Eastbourne pensioner spent hours in A&E from fall on ‘very dangerous pavement’

An 85-year-old woman was left injured and bruised due to tripping on a pavement in Eastbourne.

Eileen Richardson. SUS-211025-111749001
Eileen Richardson. SUS-211025-111749001

Eileen Richardson was out on October 20 walking along Green Street when she tripped outside the Post Office.

She said, “The pavement was uneven with broken slabs. It’s a very dangerous pavement.

“My fall resulted in a visit to A&E lasting five hours. The doctors and nurses took excellent care of me but I am left with considerable pain, a broken finger on my right hand, serious bruising to my face and an injury to my septum which requires further consultation.”

The pavement Eileen tripped on. SUS-211025-111801001

Eileen said the uneven nature of the pavement meant that the drain was concealed by rainwater.

She said, “I don’t want it to happen to anyone else. I am 85 years old but I’m not in the habit of falling down, and will be very careful when visiting Green Street Post Office due to the bad pavements.”

In response to the incident, an East Sussex Highways spokesperson said, “We wish Mrs Richardson a speedy recovery.

“Our steward has visited the site and confirmed that this section of pavement is not adopted highway, and is privately owned. We are working to notify the landowner of the incident.”