Eastbourne residents suffer from mail delay following change to delivery routes

A number of Eastbourne residents have had a delay in mail after delivery routes were changed in the area.

A number of Eastbourne residents have had a delay in mail after delivery routes were changed in the area.

Several residents contacted the Herald to raise concerns following the most recent delay in deliveries.

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Jeanne Lofts with a magazine that she had to buy as her subscription was late due to the delay in deliveries SUS-211123-141713001

Jeanne Lofts, who lives in Langney, said she went nine days without a delivery this month.

She said, “We had post on Tuesday, November 9, but then we had nothing at all until Friday, November 19.

“The one on Friday the 19th, quite a lot of that arrived at once.

“I subscribe to some magazines and I am missing issues of some of them – including the TV guide that I get on subscription every week.

“It is a bit frustrating.”

The Langney resident said she is also waiting for a letter regarding her pension which has still not arrived.

Mrs Lofts added, “I know there are people who have been expecting hospital appointments and by the time they arrive it is past the date and they have missed it. So that is something that is very important.”

The Eastbourne woman suggested that more staff should be hired to help the issue as many residents receive time-sensitive mail – such as subscriptions and letters about hospital appointments.

Emma Boyes, who lives in Bourne Street, said she also had a ‘big panic’ due to the delay as her medication was late.

She said, “I was meant to get this stuff on Thursday (November 18), so almost a week ago, and I do not pay much attention to it but on Sunday (November 21) I realised I had nothing.”

She added, “I try not to think about the medication too much because it is all automatic.

“I shouldn’t even be in a position where it runs out because as one is getting low they send off another prescription.

“You just can’t rely on it.”

Miss Boyes said she is also missing regular mail and two subscription boxes – including one that was sent at the beginning of the month.

She said, “We haven’t had anything here. I do not know what I am missing - hopefully nothing.”

A Royal Mail spokesperson said, “We apologise to customers for any delays they may have experienced in some parts of Eastbourne. The vast majority of mail and parcels are delivered safely and on time.

“In recent weeks, we have implemented revisions to our postmen and women’s routes in Eastbourne to ensure they reflect changes in the local area, such as new residential developments, and are fairer and more balanced to reflect the growth in parcel deliveries.

“Unfortunately, these changes also coincided with a higher than normal rate of sickness absence in the local area which placed additional pressure on the operation. We are working hard to resolve the situation.”