Euro chart-toppers celebrate links with Hastings

A Belgian band which is causing a storm in the European LGBTQ Music Charts is celebrating its links with Hastings.

Gravity Noir was formed by top European drag artist Patrick Knight, who lives in Antwerp, has dual Belgian and British nationality and is the cousin of Hastings Bonfire and Jack in the Green founder Keith Leech.

The band sampled music from Hastings based 80s ceilidh band Banjax, for one of their international hits, released as a Christmas special in 2020.

Patrick frequently visits Hastings to attend the town’s festivals. He said: “Like many people I fell in love with Hastings and it’s many traditions.

Patrick Knight with Gravirty Noir SUS-211013-073553001

“I have to thank my dear cousins and family who are Hastings residents. The ashes of my deceased parents have found their final resting place in Hastings. And most of my loved ones know it is my last wish to be scattered in the same place after my death.

“People who attended this year’s virtual JITG experience might have seen me as a special guest and panel member, unrecognisable as ‘The Marquise De Bogieville.’

Over the years I have written a still unpublished children’s story called Jack in the Green.

“I’ve been thinking about filming the story for a long time now. Hopefully one day I will be able to convince enough Hastings residents to volunteer and participate in my film project.

Patrick Knight - The Marquise De Bogiville SUS-211013-073431001

“Our new single ‘Im Nin Alu 2021’ featuring Ofra Haza has so far been received quite well worldwide.

“It’s the first time that one of our singles reached the iTunes charts at 32 place.

“Since its release on 14 July 2021, ‘Im Nin Alu 2021’ is still receiving radio airplay with over 90 radio stations and 30 different countries worldwide, including the UK.

“The single is still receiving plenty of streams by Spotify and Apple Music users worldwide and reached second place on Top Chansons France.

Gravity Noir new album cover artwork by Mihajlo Ciric SUS-211014-141041001

“Our new Gravity Noir album ANKH is expected in 2022.”

Patrick has beaten the odds to earn such success. He has Brugada syndrome, a heart abnormality, and an ICD implant has saved his life on four occasions since 2014.

He said: “I survived a severe case of hepatitis B, with doctors predicting I wouldn’t make it to my 40s, and survived electrocution while working as a pool master.

“I must have some good guardian angels. It certainly gives me lots of inspiration for the new Gravity Noir album ‘ANKH’ (Key of life) and video travelogue about Egypt I’m working on.”

Commenting on his success, Patrick said: “It’s not about fame and fortune, but the footprints we leave behind for future generations.”