Wendy Peters' winning floral arrangement

Ferring Gardening Club virtual spring show success

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, together with the current lockdown restrictions, Ferring Gardening Club was unable to stage a live spring show this year. So, to give members something positive to focus on, the club held a virtual spring flower show. This followed on from the success of the virtual summer and autumn shows last year. It was organised by members Chris (club secretary) and Gary Hicks and judged by a team of three other judges. The show comprised ten classes, and required members to submit photographs of their exhibits. The live spring show last year at Ferring Village Hall realised 170 live exhibits. Our virtual show realised 77 exhibits, which was a good result given the extremely cold weather, which certainly held back the opening of daffodils. Following the judging, the organisers awarded certificates for first, second and third places, and a number of highly commended, due to the very high standard of the exhibits entered.

Class winner results are as follows: Class 1. A floral Arrangement – Wendy Peters; Class 2. One vase of daffodils, long trumpet, three of any colour or variety – Chris Hicks; Class 3. One vase of daffodils, large cup, three of any colour or variety – Ron Sullivan; Class 4. One vase of daffodils, multi headed, three of any colour or variety – Linda Fryer; Class 5. One vase of daffodils, miniature, three of any colour or variety – Ron Sullivan; Class 6. One vase of muscari, five stems – Jim Gray; Class 7. One vase of mixed spring flowers, any variety – Penny Heath; Class 8. Flowering indoor pot plant, any variety – Margaret Holyoake; Class 9. Pot of bulbs, any variety – Don Nice; Class 10a. Photo competition, On My Walks In Lockdown – John Heath; Class 10b. Photo competition, My New Baking Skills – Gary Hicks; here will be an added show in April, a further bit of fun for members with a Virtual Tulips Show.

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