Free desk space on offer in Bognor Regis for International Coworking Day

A coworking space in Bognor Regis is offering local workers free desk space for a day next week.

The offer, effective on August 9, coincides with International Coworking Day, which celebrates the benefits of crossworking, where staff from a variety of companies, backgrounds and perspectives choose to work from a shared space in order to save costs and build a sense of community.

Workers have been invited to take a space at The_Track in the Bognor Regis Railway Station, which has already proved to be a popular spot for workers of all kinds from across town.

Nick Etherington, who lives in Bognor Regis, used to commute to London where he works for The Crown Estate. During lockdown, he had to work from home which, whilst not ideal, was preferable to a long daily commute. Now, thanks to The_Track, Nick cycles into the town centre a couple of days a week.

The_Track, in the Bognor Regis Railway Station

He said: “Whilst I avoided the commute, working from home was less than ideal. There is often no separation between work and personal life. My wife is a nurse and works nights, so I’m always aware that I’m disturbing her if I am on phone calls all day.

“The coworking space is the best of both worlds, in that I don't have to commute two and a half hours to work each day, but at the same time I'm in a professional working environment with other human beings and getting all the social, mental health and networking benefits. And it's got free tea and coffee too!”

Georgia Alston, community manager at The_Track, added:

“As more people and organisations embrace a hybrid working model, it's becoming clear that flexibility is key. Working from home is great, but you lose a lot of the benefits of working with other people. Similarly, commuting to an office takes away a lot of freedom and work/life balance that people are starting to prize.

“There are practical benefits to working this way too. With fuel and home energy costs rising, people are seeking ways to mitigate the costs of living. We believe that coworking has a big part to play in solving these challenges.

For more information or to book your free workspace for the day, you can email [email protected] or call 01243 943243.

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