Girlfriend of missing Sussex teenager Owen Harding issues emotional video appeal

The heartbroken girlfriend of missing teenager Owen Harding has pleaded for him to come home in an emotional video appeal this week.

Meg Wells, 16, issued the video on Tuesday night and said: “This is my boyfriend Owen Harding. He’s been missing for two weeks. He went to watch the sunset in Saltdean and didn’t come back. Help us find him.”

The heartfelt video, which was shared on Facebook, shows the loved-up pair in happier times.

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It can be viewed in a post here.

Missing Saltdean teenager Owen Harding, pictured with girlfriend, Meg Wells

Owen left his house in Saltdean on Thursday, March 26, and has not been seen or in contact with anyone since.

Meg, who lives in Pocklington, previously said she believed Owen could be attempting to walk 280 miles from his home in Saltdean to see her – but police have said there are no indications at all to support this.

Meg said: “Owen and I have known each other since we were 11, and, in the last two years it developed from a friendship to a relationship.

“We’ve maintained it over the distance, but he has taken the travel restrictions imposed by COVID-19 quite hard.

Owen Harding with his girlfriend, Meg, in happier times

“Living in different cities, it was going to be tough for us to see each other for a while and he wasn’t going to be able to take a train to see me.

“He left home on Thursday night and we think there is a possibility he is trying to walk to York.”

Owen is 6ft tall with short, dark brown hair. He was wearing a black/dark hoodie, grey tracksuit trousers and white trainers when he left the house.

His mum, Stella, said: “It is very unlike Owen to go missing and to not be in contact with friends, family or his girlfriend.

Owen Harding has been missing since March 26

“Clearly, it is a really difficult time at the moment and we’re all desperately worried, especially since this is so out of character.

“We need to be open to investigating all avenues at this critical time, when the clock is ticking and Owen still hasn’t been found. We want to ask anyone who lives in the Yorkshire area to keep an eye out for him and report any information they have to the police.”

Owen Harding with his mum, Stella