Goodwood to offer Covid vaccinations in a race to ‘max the vax’

Goodwood Racing has announced it will be teaming up with the NHS this week to offer Covid-19 vaccinations at the Qatar Goodwood Festival.

A team of trackside vaccinators led by a GP Federation called Innovations in Primary Care, and in partnership with the East Sussex Scouts, will be on hand at the Lennox Enclosure for the duration of the festival.

That means anyone over 18 will be free to come along and get their jab, no appointment needed.

Both first and second vaccinations will be available on each day of the festival, but a spokesperson has urged guests to remember that second jabs will be given no sooner than eight weeks after the first.

Goodwood's Qatar Festival has a pop-up vaccination service, which has already treated more than 100 people

With three days still to go of the festival, the team have already vaccinated more than 100 people.

More than 637,500 adults in West Sussex have received at least one dose of the life-saving vaccine, but teams at the festival are hoping to help push Sussex over the finish line and get as many people vaccinated as soon as possible.

Dr Charles Walker, who used to work as the senior racecourse doctor at Goodwood but is now clinical lead at the Qatar Festival’s pop-up service, said: “There are around 40% of 18- 25 year olds who are not yet vaccinated, so any way we can make it easier for them to come forward is a good move.#

“While it might seem that there aren’t many people in this age range who die from Covid, a good reason to get the vaccination is because being young doesn’t stop you from being ill and getting long Covid, which can be a very debilitating illness.”

A spokesperson for the Sussex Covid-19 vaccination programme said: “We’re now in the final stretch to get the remaining 15 per cent vaccinated. By having our vaccinators on hand at events like Goodwood, we hope to make it as easy as possible for people.

“It’s so great that events like this can take place again and we’re now racing to vaccinate as many people as possible so that we can all enjoy summer events like this and be safe.”