Green Dreams Festival in Worthing to bring fun, food and an important message

Showcasing a variety of food, fun and some serious messages, Green Dreams Festival at award-winning Field Place Manor House and Barns on September 25 will offer something different for visitors of all ages.

The Green Dreams Festival takes place on September 25
The Green Dreams Festival takes place on September 25

Led by Community-based organisations, Green Dreams brings together a wide variety of groups involved in food projects, local food production and greenspace initiatives from Worthing, Adur, and all over Sussex. This will be the sixth Green Dreams festival, and organisers hope to attract more than 2,500 people.

Paul Sandell of South Downs Leisure, one of the key partners, said: “The event team has the shared aim of promoting the place of food and green spaces as central to wellbeing and quality of life.”

Visitors will get a taste of locally produced food, drinks, crafts and more, and there will be a host of fun activities with local acts and groups providing entertainment throughout the day.

Field Place Manor House and Barns, Durrington. Picture: Olive Joy Photography

Organiser Karen Simporis said: “Although entrance is free, we always encourage people to bring a little money for the stalls.”

Karen added she hoped this sixth Green Dreams event could be used to build a continuous presence in Worthing

But above all, she said she wanted visitors to leave ‘just having had a nice time. But also a general feeling of community, perhaps even volunteering for something’.

“Happy, aware of things going on that they didn’t know about before” added Paul.

Field Place Manor House and Barns is off The Boulevard, Durrington. For more information on the event, visit