Grieving Lewes father of Anna Campbell takes legal action to bring her body home

A grieving Lewes father is taking legal action to persuade the Turkish government to allow him to bring his daughter’s body home.

Thursday, 24th October 2019, 4:39 pm
Anna Campbell was killed in Afrin, Syria

The story of Anna Campbell hit headlines last March when she was killed in Afrin, northwestern Syria fighting against Daesh (Isis.)

Her father, Dirk said Anna’s remains still lie in Afrin where she was killed and this is now Turkish controlled territory.

He explained: “The Turks are at this very moment invading the rest of the Kurdish territory in Northern Syria.

“Thousands of deaths are inevitable, homelessness, starvation and mass migration - a repeat on ten times the scale of what happened to Afrin.”

Dirk knows the exact location of his daughter’s body and says he has the right to reclaim it.

But he is frustrated the British Government has failed to take action and his requests to the Turkish government have been ignored.

Anna travelled to Syria to join the Kurdish resistance which was supported by the UK government.

She was killed by a Turkish airstrike.

Dirk went on: “Yesterday (Thursday) I launched a Crowdjustice crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for my legal fees.

“I have instructed leading human rights lawyers, McCue & Partners to make formal representations to the Turkish government and, if necessary, take legal action against Turkey on my behalf.

“I have not had the courtesy of a reply to my repeated request to the Turkish embassy in London.

“Meetings with the Foreign Office proved fruitless despite promises to ‘do our best’. My MP has done nothing.

“I have no option but to seek legal action.

“Anna gave her life fighting for freedom and the rights and lives of others.

“It is an embarrassment to the UK and a disgrace and shame on Turkey that her body is left to rot in the rubble of a ruined city.”