Hastings Deputy Mayor to go on charity tandem ride with his fiancee following romantic proposal

Hastings Deputy Mayor Cllr James Bacon will be mounting a bicycle made for two with his fiancé to help raise money for the refurbishment of the town’s two historic lifeboat.

Cllr Bacon has come on board by joining the Macbean and Bishop Trust.

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Dee Day White, from the Trust, said: “Strange how things happen in threes. Firstly our Deputy Mayor has become a member of the Trust, now that myself and Tush Hamilton, like our lifeboats, are beginning to show our age.


“Secondly, worth a mention, is that James and his girlfriend Sarah enjoyed a romantic walk on the East Hill and James produced a bottle of Champagne and Sarah’s favourite Camembert cheese.

“While James uncorked the Champagne, Sarah opened the Camembert to find not cheese but an engagement ring! James then dropped to one knee and proposed, which Sarah accepted.

“So for the third event, the Macbean and Bishop Trust, to acknowledge James and Sarah’s engagement, asked if they would agree to do a ten mile and 66 yard tandem ride to raise funds for the Trust by sponsorship per mile.

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“Let’s see Hastings get behind the happy couple, wishing them congratulations and sponsoring them on their bike ride.

“Sponsorship forms will be made available soon from various outlets to be announced.”

The two historic lifeboats, which are on display in Hastings Old Town are currently undergoing maintenance work to protect them from the elements.

Local people and Old Town traders have contributed to and supported the ongoing repairs.

See also: {https://www.hastingsobserver.co.uk/news/people/restoration-work-underway-on-the-two-historic-hastings-lifeboats-1-8909072

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