Home sought for gerbils rescued from Sussex house fire

The RSPCA is searching for homes for 15 gerbils who were rescued from a house fire in Sussex.

Could you give these gerbils a home?

Brighton Animal Centre, at Patcham, is taking care of a clan (the name for a group of gerbils) of rodents after they were rescued in July.

Dozens of gerbils were found in filthy, broken cages stacked on top of each other in a greenhouse in East Sussex after firefighters were called to a blaze and found them in terrible conditions, the charity said.

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Jesse Payne from RSPCA Patcham said: “Sadly some of the gerbils died or had to be put to sleep shortly after arriving.

Could you give these gerbils a home?

“But thankfully we were able to save most of them and have been busy taking care of them.

“We’ve been committed to cleaning them out regularly, providing proper food and enrichment, monitoring their health, and giving them great lives since they joined us.

“At one point we had more than 25 cages on the go, having separated them into family groups and pairs!

“And we’ve bonded same sex pairs to make sure they won’t be lonely as singles.

Could you give these gerbils a home?

“It’s been hard work but a joy seeing them thrive.

“After some have journeyed to other shelters, and others have been rehomed by the public, we’re left with around 15 who are yet to find homes.”

To find out more about caring for gerbils please visit www.rspca.org.uk/adviceandwelfare/pets/rodents/gerbils.

For more information about the gerbils visit their online profile or contact Patcham on 01273 554218 or [email protected]

To support RSPCA Brighton, visit http://rspca-brighton.org.uk/donations/ and to help the national RSPCA continue rescuing animals, go to www.rspca.org.uk/give.