Horsham firefighter’s shock as parking ticket is slapped on emergency rescue vehicle

A Horsham firefighter has been left shocked after a traffic warden slapped a parking ticket on his emergency rescue vehicle.

Owen Marfany, a firefighter with West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service, discovered the ticket on his vehicle parked outside his Horsham home while he was on duty on Saturday.

“What is the world coming to when an operational fire service vehicle is given a parking ticket in Horsham,” he said.

“I work for the specialist rescue team that provides emergency cover 24/7, and at night during my shift I respond from home.

A Horsham traffic warden slapped a parking ticket on a firefighter's emergency rescue vehicle

“I was on duty at the time of the alleged offence and in fact responded to a call about 30 minutes after being issued with the ticket.

“I have lived here for 10 years plus, and have often chatted to the parking attendants who patrol the streets just to make sure they are happy with me parking my emergency services vehicle outside my house when I am on duty.

“To be honest I was quite shocked to find the PCN (penalty charge notice) on the fire service vehicle because I was on duty and on call when the ticket was issued.

“The vehicle is crammed full of rescue equipment as well as my own PPE because I travel directly to any incident when I am on duty.”

Owen appealed to Horsham District Council over the ticket.

“Unfortunately my appeal has been rejected as Horsham Council do not accept I was on duty.

“It seems ridiculous that common sense has not prevailed and the HDC are still actively pursuing this PCN against an emergency service vehicle.

“I am not so sure the parking officer would have ticketed a police car carrying out routine enquiries or an ambulance dealing with a patient parked in the same place.

“I really think this is a remarkable waste of time and effort particularly when councils are trying to justify value for money.”

A spokesperson for Horsham District Council said that Mr Marfany’s appeal case was ongoing.

“We are awaiting further confirmation from West Sussex County Council regarding the actual status of the vehicle at the time when the Penalty Charge Notice was issued.”