Housing reforms are ‘a real danger to residents in Adversane, Billingshurst and Pulborough’

Government reforms which would see housing numbers double are ‘a real danger’ to people living south of Horsham.

That’s according to a residents group battling against proposals for a new ‘mini-town’ near Billingshurst.

The residents are backing Horsham District Council’s stance on housebuilding in response to the Government’s planning reforms amid fears they would amount to ‘concreting over the countryside.’

The council warned last week that the reforms could almost double the number of houses being built in the district.

Housebuilding is set to increase dramatically if Governmment reforms go ahead

In the Billingshurst area, developers ‘Our Place’ are proposing to build 3,500 homes, along with schools, a health centre, and employment space on a greenfield site at Adversane.

Local residents are opposing the plans and have formed a protest group knowns as BigSTAND. And this week the group welcomed Horsham Council’s warning that the Government reforms could see the number of houses built in the district rising from a minimum of 920 a year to 1,715 a year.

According to the council, the Government figures ‘would give us almost the highest house building number in the south east of England.’

The protest group BigSTAND says that such a massive increase in housing numbers would give the ‘green light’ to developers to build an ‘unwanted new town at Adversane and elsewhere in the district, ruining the countryside, destroying wildlife and increasing car traffic and pollution.’

BigSTAND is urging residents to take part in a council on-line poll to voice their views on the proposed increase in housebuilding numbers.

Chairman Julian Trumper said: “These new housing figures are a real danger for residents living in Adversane, Billingshurst and Pulborough and could destroy our area for all time.

“There is no justification for almost doubling the housing figures to 1,715 new houses a year and allowing developers to concrete over the countryside.

“Residents should form a united front with the district and parish xouncils, MPs and local groups against the increased housing figures and unwanted development on green fields.”