In 23 pictures: The shocking state of pavements in Hastings

Pavements in Hastings are literally cracking up and creating dangerous trip hazards for pedestrians.

Here our photographer Justin Lycett took a closer look at just how bad the situation has become in Hastings town centre.

As well as the badly damaged paving stones still in place, it is now a common sight to see paving stones removed and replaced with unsightly and ineffective tarmac.

But there may be some good news going forward with Highways bosses announcing when major footpath repair works in Hastings town centre will start.

The works were supposed to have run from the end of October until early December last year, but were delayed.

On its website, the council said: “Balfour Beatty is working in partnership with East Sussex County Council to manage the highways service across East Sussex. As part of this, we will be carrying out footway repairs on Queens Road, Wellington Place and Castle Street, Hastings."

Work will be carried out at Wellington Place between Tuesday, January 23 and Monday, February 12, and Queens Road between Tuesday, February 13 and Tuesday, March 5.

The county council has said the work is subject to weather and could face delays if there is heavy rain.

Hastings businesses expressed anger and frustration after the delay was announced at the end of October.

John Bownas, manager of Love Hastings, said that after pressure from many sides, the county council had agreed to carry out a major repair programme along Wellington Place and Pelham Place to fix hundreds of loose and broken paving slabs.

Mr Bownas said shoppers and businesses were becoming frustrated and angry with the situation, adding that he was ‘regularly getting stopped in the street’ by people asking when the paving slabs will get fixed.

Repairs to pavements and roads fall under the responsibilities of East Sussex County Council. You can report any problems you spot directly on the East Sussex County Council website here