‘It’s great to see The Sun showcasing Bognor Regis on its front page’

It may have been a tongue in cheek mention, but Bognor still made the front page of one of the country’s most widely read newspapers this morning.
Bognor beach last summer. Photo by Neil CooperBognor beach last summer. Photo by Neil Cooper
Bognor beach last summer. Photo by Neil Cooper

Following news that the government was expected to enforce hotel quarantine in England for some arrivals, casting a shadow over the prospect of a holiday abroad this summer, The Sun’s front page featured a couple on the beach with the caption ‘Looks like it’s Bognor again, dear’.

Heather Allen, co-ordinator of the Bognor BID, said businesses in the town would love to welcome visitors once it was safe to do so.

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She said: “It’s great to see The Sun showcasing Bognor Regis on its front page today – especially with the beautiful blue sky, twinkly water and plenty of space around the people enjoying their time on the beach!

“However tongue in cheek the headline is, it’s great that the idea of visiting Bognor Regis when travel is allowed will be imprinted in the minds of around 2.5 million daily readers of The Sun…and everyone else that saw the front page featured on other news sites.

“I’m absolutely confident the businesses we represent would love to welcome them once it’s safe to do so!”

Jeremy Pardey, resort director at Butlin’s, agreed.

He said: “Who wouldn’t want to come to Bognor Regis? It’s the sunniest place in Britain.

The front page of The SunThe front page of The Sun
The front page of The Sun
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“Butlin’s has got a lot to offer Bognor Regis and the surrounding area.

“Along with the town, we want to provide everyone a brilliant holiday. I feel very confident we could do.”

He said they were already seeing lots more interest in staycations.

“It’s encouraging,” he said. “It will also encourage people to explore the areas surrounding Bognor Regis and see what’s available to enjoy.

“There’s a lot more than just Butlin’s in the local area.

“You can enjoy a bit of culture at Arundel which is an historic town; Goodwood or the South Downs.

“Or you can enjoy Bognor Regis as a town centre.”