ITV weatherman Alex Beresford visits Haywards Heath allotment to discuss hosepipe ban

ITV weatherman Alex Beresford came to Haywards Heath’s America Lane Allotment on Wednesday night, August 3, to film part of his show

The popular TV presenter highlighted the impact of the hosepipe ban on residents and allotment holders.

Alex was met by Murray Crump from the Haywards Heath Allotments Forum and Maria Horne from Haywards Heath Town Council.

They discussed how the ban will make it difficult for people to grow fruits and vegetables at the site, while also impacting the Bentswood Food Larder who receive food from allotment holders.

ITV weatherman Alex Beresford at Haywards Heath’s America Lane Allotment on Wednesday, August 3

Maria said: “The hot weather we have experienced this summer and record low rainfall in July is already drying out gardens and plots, so it was lovely of Alex and the crew from ITV to help us highlight how our residents will struggle with this hosepipe ban.

“He pointed out that with the rising cost of living and no rain forecast in the near future, members of our community who rely on their gardens and allotments to provide food for their families will find this ban particularly hard.”

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She said the Town Council is monitoring the situation with the Allotments Forum.

ITV weatherman Alex Beresford and Murray Crump at Haywards Heath’s America Lane Allotment on Wednesday, August 3

Murray said: “As an enthusiastic gardener and chair of the America Lane Plotholders Committee I was delighted to be contacted by Mid Sussex Town Council and asked to welcome and arrange facilities for Alex Beresford and the ITV Weather team to film from our allotment site yesterday.

“Alex and all of his colleagues were very charming and interested in our activities and spent a lot of time researching, rehearsing and getting camera angles just right for that short segment on the weather report, filmed from the plot of my neighbour Gareth Jones.”

Murray said the recent heat had been challenging and is concerned about providing crops to neighbouring organisations.

He said: “Good spring crops of broad beans, soft fruit and early potatoes have now given way to the constant need for watering and it is difficult to plant succession crops that will germinate in the heat.

ITV weatherman Alex Beresford and Maria Horne at Haywards Heath’s America Lane Allotment on Wednesday, August 3

“We are glad of the water supply arranged by the council and hope that the hosepipe ban will still allow us to collect enough water for our own water butts and for hand-watering.”

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