Knitted postbox toppers bring splash of colour to Felpham

Delightfully colourful knitted cosies have been appearing on postboxes throughout Felpham- meet the woman who makes them.

“It’s just about putting a smile on people’s faces really,”- said Jan Budd, the Felpham local who has been placing knitted cosies on postboxes throughout Felpham.

“My daughter and I were renting the pop-up shop in Felpham village last bank holiday Monday and I thought that would be a good place to put one, so we put one on there and then we put one at the bottom of Summerly Lane and I’ve just done another which is going to go on a bus stop.”

It’s called ‘yarnbombing’ ,and Mrs Budd said dedicated groups are popping up all over the country. There isn’t one in Felpham yet, but, after a friend showed her a yarnbombing group on Facebook, Mrs Budd decided to put her knitting skills to good use for the community.

Jan Budd (left) with one of her masterworks

So far, it’s worked: Mrs Budd says the response to her adorable creations has been ‘very, very good’ so far.

“It was all done very under the radar,” she said “and it’s worked out that people other than myself have been promoting it. That’s really not why I did it, but it’s nice to have the recognition.”

Mrs Budd has made three postbox toppers so far, each one with a unique and inventive design. One honours the NHS with a rainbow over a field of flowers, another points the way to the seaside with a topaz blue beach hut and the third features a stagecoach bus.

With more cotton-creations on the way, Mrs Budd hopes to keep the positive buzz going for as long as she can. “It’s unbelievable,” added husband Bob Budd, “There’s been so much local response from everybody.”