Poonam with a very friendly cat

Crawley animal sanctuary opens its doors to all creatures great and small

Lola’s Sanctuary Animal Rescue gives abandoned animals another chance at life, no matter the expense

By Ellis Peters
Tuesday, 25th January 2022, 8:40 am

The founder of Lola’s Sanctuary Poonam Doshi has opened her home to abandoned animals from all over the world and looks after them until a foster carer can be found.

The sanctuary in Crawley has many dogs and cats to care for, but also accepts smaller animals like rabbits and guinea pigs as well.

Mrs Doshi said: “I’ve loved animals ever since I was a little girl and wanted to make a difference to animals on the streets. I just love animals.”

To look after the animals, Mrs Doshi has a team of volunteers that work tirelessly to provide the animals with the best chance at life.

Lola’s sanctuary also works in partnership with other pet rescue organisations like the Battersea Dogs and Cats home to offer temporary homes for rescued animals.

Interview with Lola’s Sanctuary Animal Rescue to follow.

If you wish to donate, purchase a gift or to volunteer, please visit Lola’s Sanctuary Animal Rescue website at: https://www.lolassanctuary.co.uk/

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