More than 8,000 items have been collected at the Lewes Food Banks Winter Collection

On Saturday, February 10, Lewes Against Food Poverty held their winter collection, with 8,073 food items and household goods collected for food banks in the area.

The collection has run four to five times a year since 2020, with more and more community organisations, local sports teams, political parties and religious groups getting involved. Mark Perryman, Lewes Against Food Poverty pioneer, describes the collections as a “coalition against food poverty” which demonstrates the breadth of Lewes civil society.

Mark said: “It doesn't seem unreasonable or unrealistic to expect our society to be able to guarantee everyone can afford the essentials as a minimum. Until it can, food banks are quite literally for many of these households their lifeline. With February half-term starting Monday 12 February this will heap even more pressure on those households with school-age children. Our Winter collection couldn't be more important.”

People across Lewes came together to collect, including: Lewes bands, six Lewes sports clubs, three Lewes book groups, three Lewes Guardian letter-writers, three Lewes faith groups, three Lewes political parties, two Lewes bonfire societies, two Lewes choirs, Lewes climate hub, a squad of Lewes yoga instructors, a Lewes gym, Lewes Rotary club, a Lewes clinic, a Lewes cinema, Ringmer Guides group, a convoy of Lewes cyclists, a photographer and dozens of individual volunteers.

Because tinned meat was running out in the late afternoon in all three supermarkets, they are planning a trolley dash for tinned meat on Wednesday, February 14, with some money from Saturday which was put aside.

Mark said: "Please always consider tinned meat, it's the one item more than anything the food banks are the most short of.”

Donations are collected at the in-store collection points at the supermarkets: Aldi, Tesco and Waitrose.

The collection was delivered to the Lewes Food banks: Fitzjohns, Landport, Malling, Lewes Community Fridge and Ringmer Village Food bank.

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