New animals make themselves at home at Wisborough Green farm park

This summer has seen a number of new animals arriving at Fishers Farm Park in Wisborough Green.

By Sarah Page
Wednesday, 28th July 2021, 3:02 pm

Basil, a five week old Jersey Bull calf, arrived from a local dairy farm, and is now being hand-reared as his mother was a little bit poorly.

He is now living with his ‘godmother’ Jessie, a 21-year-old Jersey cow who can’t ever have any calves, but she loves to take in orphans and treat them as her own.

Meanwhile, 12 Middle White piglets were born on July 11 to mother pig Harriet. But staff have their hands full with them - they love escaping their pen and joining the other animals in the barn.

Three sets of Pygmy Goat twins have been born recently - five boys and 1 girl. They also love escaping their pen and run around the barn entertaining visitors.

One of the farm’s naughtiest animals is Flick, a pygmy goat nanny, who escapes from every single field she is put in.

Four Netherland Dwarf baby bunnies - the smallest breed of rabbits in the world - were born on July 12.

Shire horses Duke and Spartacus live in a large new undercover barn - and are firm favourites with visitors, along with farm owner Tim Rollings.

The huge animal barn is also home home to a bearded dragon chicks, guinea pigs and more.

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