Person snapped leaning over dangerously crumbling Beachy Head cliff edge

A person has been seen leaning over the edge of Beachy Head to take a photo.

According to photographer Tyrone Campbell, who took the photo, the woman was watched by her friends from a metre away.

Mr Campbell captured pictures of the trio while walking along the Seven Sisters on Tuesday, October 26.

A person was seen looking over the edge of Beachy Head as they took a picture at the cliffs. (Picture from Tyrone Campbell/SWNS) SUS-211027-130746001

Mr Campbell said, “As a photographer, I must admit I do go to great lengths to take ‘that photo’ but my health and safety will always come first.

“As I was walking along the Seven Sisters on the South Downs taking in the spectacular views I saw what looked to be three young, daring adults near the cliff edge in the distance.

“Luckily one of the group waved back the fearless friend after the photographs were taken and carried on walking up the hill - excitingly showing the photos on the phone.

“It makes me wonder, would you risk it for that angle?”