Plea for help for Pulborough couple facing 'dark time' after cancer diagnosis

A plea for help is being made on behalf of a Pulborough couple facing a ‘really dark time’ after a cancer diagnosis.
Ben MooreBen Moore
Ben Moore

Thirty-six-year-old Ben Moore has had extensive hospital treatment over the past months after discovering that his ‘sore hip’ was in fact cancer.

But friends are rallying to help Ben, who lives in Pulborough with his wife Jen and golden retriever Shadow. Former colleague Clive Burroughs will be walking round Billingshurst’s Jubilee Fields Fitness Trim trail to raise funds for the couple. And he’s hoping more will join him.

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Jen said: “Ben first went into hospital in September 2023, since when he’s had extensive treatment. After struggling with a sore hip for a couple of months he was taken to Worthing Hospital and got diagnosed with a fracture.

"Then, following weeks of scans he was transferred to Stanmore for a biopsy as they suspected it could be cancer-related, with Ben being sadly diagnosed with a spindle cell sarcoma. And, we didn’t know how awful things were going to get from there.

"In October his tumour was 8cm, but, despite chemo designed to shrink it, two months later it was 14cm, the only option being a hip disarticulation – amputation.

"Ben was knocked for six by this but had the operation. It went as well as it could have done and he went back to University College Hospital for more chemotherapy, the tumour being designated as aggressive, and spreading to his left lung.”

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This diagnosis has been physically and emotionally draining, and has also severely affected the couple financially. Ben is unable to work, with Jen having to spend much time out of work to care for him, and having to find over £1,400 on travel and accommodation alone, and specialised equipment for Ben, including a lightweight wheelchair and support bath.

Clive Burroughs said: “Ben and Jenny’s courage is awesome, but prayer doesn’t seem enough, so I wanted to do something tangible to help, hence my walk – from 9.30am on Sunday May 12.”

On the day Clive hopes to be joined by two local sporting stalwarts – his son John – former Horsham Hockey captain and Horsham opening batsman; and nephew Mike – Billingshurst Cricket Captain.

Clive added: “Come and join us on the walk and get your own sponsors, too. I shall be 80 next year and I know that times are hard for us all – but not as hard as it is for Ben and Jenny, so please donate as much as you can via, or contact me at [email protected]/07808 657305.”

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Jen added: “It is not in my nature to ever ask for help, but Ben and I thank every single person who has donated – you have all been our light in a really dark time.

"Each week seems to have its challenges, this week is no different with hospital trips. We have been dealt a poor hand and now just want to make the most of life, which starts with getting Ben home and making the necessary adjustments to our house for this to happen.”

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