Pothole Watch: Is this the worst road in Horsham?

Is this the worst road in Horsham? That’s the question being asked by residents angry about the number of potholes in the district.

Many are labelling St Leonard’s Road near its junction with Comptons Lane as ‘shocking.’

The road is pitted with deep pockets and loose stones in several areas with drivers and cyclists trying to manoeuvre safely around them.

But St Leonard’s Road is far from the only roadway likened to the surface of the moon.

And the growing menace has led to soaring numbers of people having to fork out hundreds of pounds for vehicle repairs.

Meanwhile, anger over the state of the roads is also growing. In a post on the County Times Facebook page Ryan Jeal said: “Horsham is embarrassing.” And Sheila Stocker described the situation as an “utter disgrace … across the country.”

Others have already condemned the roads as ‘diabolical’ and a ‘nightmare’.

Now with council tax demands dropping through people’s letterboxes, residents are asking just why taxpayers’ money is not being spent on better road repairs.

The county council blames the roads’ deterioration on extreme weather over the past year. On its website it states: “Large weather fluctuations make road surfaces expand, contract and expand again, causing cracks and new potholes to form.”

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