Protests to take place against proposals to build on Bognor Golf Club

Protests against proposals to build a housing development on Bognor Golf Club are set to take place this Thursday (November 25)

Residents will meet at 5.45pm outside the golf club itself, on Downview Road, to protest plans for a housing development on the site.

The golf club itself could be set to move to a new site on the southern side of the A259, north of Ancton, the board of directors told members in a newsletter released last week.

Thursday's protest is set to coincide with a presentation by the club board to Bognor Regis Golf Club members which will reveal further details of the emerging schemes.

A protest is set to take place outside the Bognor Regis golf club tomorrow

Residents say they are concerned that local services like schools, doctor's surgeries and car parks are already overwhelmed by population increases resulting from recent developments, and that the loss of the golf club will contribute to the continued erasure of Felpham's character and damage it's native ecology.

"This will be the final ruin of the environment north of Felpham," said resident and protest organiser Simon Wild. "There is already planning permission to redevelop the former LEC Airfield for light industrial units, and so it will mean the total loss of the gap and therefore the Felpham's identity, alongside a rural route to Barnham, the Downs and beyond.

"We're trying to get some local people to gather outside the club in a display of opposition to the proposal. It's something that there's a lot of concern about because we already had site six developed just to the east of the golf club.

"So that was the farmlands gone, and this will be the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle. It will mean everything's ruined."

A spokesperson for Bognor Regis Golf Club said: ‘The meeting on Thursday is a presentation to members, who are the owners of the club, to share with them the full information about this project. It is only right that we inform members of the full details ahead of the wider community.

"In the meantime, we are aware of the concerns of some local residents regarding this project. In light of this, we feel it is appropriate to inform you ahead of the website going live that the plan provides, in addition to the housing, over 65 acres of our current site for additional parkland/woodland and recreational areas for the local community to enjoy in perpetuity.

"We would also like to stress that the club is a registered Community Amateur Sports Club and therefore, the nett income from the sale of our current site will be solely spent on the new facilities. This will ensure we provide a benchmark venue, which will be a considerable asset to the local area."