Rescue dog celebrates milestone birthday at Sussex animal rescue - but he's still looking for a home

A ‘one of a kind’ rescue dog at a Sussex animal rescue celebrated a milestone birthday last week – but he’s still looking for a home.

Woody, a ‘super smart’ Shih Tzu cross Poodle, was made to feel extra special when his carers at Dogs Trust Shoreham threw him a party for his tenth birthday.

He was treated to tasty snacks and gifts which he spent the rest of the day playing with in the garden.

However, whilst it was clear to see that Woody enjoyed his big day, there was just one thing missing… a family to call his own!

Woody has been in the care of Dogs Trust for quite some time, but the staff at the Sussex- based rehoming centre aren’t giving up hope.

Staff describe him as being ‘one of a kind’ and say that he is ‘one of the most intelligent dogs that we’ve ever worked with’. As such, they believe that the perfect match for this clever chap would be with adopters who are just as enthusiastic to get on board with some reward-based training, as Woody will be to participate.

Despite being in the double-digits, Woody still has a fair amount of energy and loves to keep busy! When he’s not showing off all his amazing tricks to his favourite people, Woody enjoys playing a game of tug or fetch with a cuddly toy or sniffing about on adventures.

His forever home check list includes: an adult-only family with multiple carers to look after him, a quiet and peaceful environment, a separate area of the home where he can go to eat meals, and a garden of his own to sniff about in.

Woody will also need to be the only pet at home but is happy to walk alongside other dogs of a calm nature, so long as they don’t intrude his personal space.

Dogs Trust Shoreham said it may take some time and patience before you’ve earned Woody’s trust, but getting to know him will be worth your wait. While tactile affection will never be his ‘thing’, you’ll be rewarded with a fun, charismatic best buddy who will keep you thoroughly entertained.

If you’re an understanding adopter who could dedicate plenty of time getting to know Woody and learning all about his ongoing training plans, then he may just be the dog for you. To find out more and to enquire about adoption, visit: