COP26: What lifestyle changes will you make to reduce climate change?

An event hosted by Chichester Festival Theatre and The Great Sussex Way asked members of the public to do their bit for the environment.

Eco-conscious residents came together at the event on October 26 and made a human sign spelling out the word 'commit' at Oaklands Park.

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In pictures Chichester residents commit to saving the planet

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The commitments, written on leaves cut out of recycled posters, will be displayed in the Festival Theatre foyer from October 31 to November 12 while the COP26 summit takes place in Glasgow.

Young and old make their commitments. Picture: Steve Robards

Here is a selection of commitments....

I commit to using food products that don’t contain palm oil.

I commit to eating less meat.

I commit to reducing food miles by buying more locally.

Residents spell out the word commit

I commit to using less electricity by remembering to switch all my lights out.

I commit to thinking about the environment when I do my food shopping.

I commit to not buying single-use plastic / reusing plastic.

I commit to litter-picking, saving water and spreading the word!

I commit to shopping more sustainably and buying less fast fashion.

I commit to sharing lifts when I can to reduce fuel use, or to use public transport.

I commit to walking to work every day, even in bad weather!

I commit to using less plastic – more visits to the refill shop and switching to glass milk bottles.

I commit to using less single use plastic and avoiding using disposable coffee cups. No keep cup, no coffee!

I commit to not travelling far.

I commit to buying local, walking more and using less plastic.

I commit to becoming ever more vegan.

I commit to cycling more and becoming a one-car household.

I commit to using beeswax wraps instead of cling film.

I commit to turning the lights off.

I commit to finding an alternative to plastic bottles where I can.

I commit to recycling as much packaging as possible.

I commit to putting extra jumpers on rather than turning on the heating.

I commit to being less wasteful when using paper.

I commit to making all trips to Guildford by train.

I commit to always picking up litter.

I commit to only purchasing clothes made ethically and sustainably, or to buy pre-loved.

I commit to taking more public transport and eating fully veggie.

I commit to keeping my heating at no more than 19 degrees.

I commit to getting rid of my gas cooker and moving to electric cooking.

I commit to wearing reusable masks to waste less.

I commit to not order books online so as to cut back on van delivery.

I commit to a totally vegan diet.

I commit to using a wormery for food waste composting.

I commit to planting a tree

I commit to not flying for a year

I commit to making Chichester Rugby Club more energy efficient

What will you commit to do?