Rotary Club Sovereign Harbour continues to fundraise throughout the pandemic

Rotary Club Sovereign Harbour is continuing its fundraising despite the coronavirus crisis.

The club is part of a national organisation and with help from the Rotary Grant programme and donations from members, has managed to support a number of key projects.

Rotary Foundation has a Covid 19 response programme and the Rotary Club Sovereign Harbour recently added £1,500 to these funds.

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In March they help harbour-based Defiant Sports with a £1,598 fund. This money will help them buy equipment to help them with their fully inclusive sports programmes. Photo of members was taken at the harbour before social distancing was imposed.

The club is also helping families in hardship at this difficult time.

Ray Blakebrough, past president at the Rotary Club Sovereign Harbour, said: “We were delighted to take advantage of extra central funding which ensured we could donate £640 to Eastbourne Foodbank.

“Finally, we also donated £250 to recognise their ongoing support in our community.”

Rotary Club Sovereign Harbour currently meets every Tuesday evening at 7pm via Zoom. The club members continue to seek ways to support local good causes.