Storrington Artist, Jaycee Leddra, To Feature On Season 2 OF Make It At Market on BBC1

West Sussex Upcycler with Dom Chinea and Zoe PocockWest Sussex Upcycler with Dom Chinea and Zoe Pocock
West Sussex Upcycler with Dom Chinea and Zoe Pocock
Furniture upcycler, abstract artist and therapeutic art coach, Jaycee Leddra, is set to make her mark on the upcoming season 2 of "Make It At Market." The popular show, known for its commitment to uplifting hobbyists and small businesses, is scheduled to premiere on the 27th of November, with Jaycee's episode airing on the 30th of November at 4:30 PM.

Presented by Dom Chinea "Make It At Market" is a groundbreaking program designed to guide and mentor individuals in the creative realm, offering valuable insights from successful entrepreneurs and creatives. Jaycee, a Storrington-based artist with a passion for unique designs, will showcase her skills in furniture upcycling, as well as her talents as an abstract artist and therapeutic art coach and receive expert advice from Zoe Pocock from Muck n bras.

Throughout the series, viewers will witness Jaycee's transformative journey, not only in her craft but also in her personal growth and confidence. The show provides a platform for participants like Jaycee to elevate their businesses to the next level through mentorship and creative collaboration

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Reflecting on her experience, Jaycee shared, "I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience on 'Make It At Market.' It's been a great process to be involved in, and I really feel like I've grown as a person and within my business.

Don't miss the opportunity to witness Jaycee Leddra's inspiring story on "Make It At Market" as she brings her unique blend of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to the forefront. Tune in on the 30th of November at 4:30 PM for an episode filled with innovation, artistry, and the resilience of a dedicated small business owner.