Stunning northern lights bring Cowdray ruins to spectral life in new pictures

The Northern Lights were visible all over the UK last Friday, treating Sussex residents to some spectacular views of the night sky – but few views were more spectacular than those in Midhurst.

These pictures, sent in by Midhurst resident Emma Wells, show the night sky over the ruins of Cowdray Castle in Midhurst. The unusual hues and ghostly lights of the aurora borealis bring the castle back to spectral life, lending the empty windows an almost haunting energy.

Destroyed by a fire in 1793, the castle was originally constructed in the 1520s and is believed to have been one of the great Tudor estates of its day, and the property is well known for a series of very detailed paintings of life in Tudor England, most of which were destroyed in the fire.

It’s believed the Northern Lights were visible on Friday night thanks to an extreme geomagnetic storm, with further solar storms continuing over the weekend.

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