‘Superhero’ Worthing metal detectorist finds lost sentimental rings

A ‘superhero’ metal detectorist brought two men to tears when he found sentimental rings they had lost in Worthing.

Matt Goldsmith rallied to help when he saw posts on Facebook about the lost jewellery.

He said a man called Glen Darrell had lost two rings down Goring Gap – a wedding with a diamond and a custom-made Celtic band for his late mother’s heritage.

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And the other – Robin Hallett – had lost a ring he made for his late mother in Maui down West Parade, by the sand park.

Worthing metal detectorist Matt Goldsmith (right) with Robin Hallett after finding the ring

His mother had kept the ring for years before she tragically died of covid a year ago.

“Needless to say, both were over the moon and brought to tears of joy as obviously they thought they were never to be seen again,” said Matt, 32, who lives in Tarring with his partner, Hollie, 28, and their son, Jaydon, 12.

“The sentimental value was so great – I was chuffed that I found them.”

Matt said his interest in metal detecting came after seeing videos online.

One of the rings found by Worthing metal detectorist Matt GoldsmithOne of the rings found by Worthing metal detectorist Matt Goldsmith

“It was amazing seeing what people found – and the history of some of the items.”

He bought a metal detector for £150 and started practicing on land at Hollie’s auntie’s in Pulborough – before upgrading to a £500 one.

He now goes out on weekends with the Sussex metal detecting club, which shares its finds on Facebook.

Matt found Glen’s two rings in less than 20 minutes, he said, and Robin’s in 15.

Worthing metal detectorist Matt Goldsmith with Glen Darrell

He said: “It is such a brilliant hobby – and it’s really thrilling what you can find.”

He said he loves finding old coins and has previously found a Celtic Gold Stater with other metal detectorists.

Robin, 52, said he could not believe it when Matt found the ring which belonged to his late mother.

“My eyes filled up – I had this huge wave of emotion – he’s a superhero,” he said.

One of the rings found by Worthing metal detectorist Matt Goldsmith

“When Matt and others from Sussex metal detecting club turned up, they said ‘don’t worry, we’ll find it’.

“They were so confident and said they would find it in about an hour. I didn’t believe a word they said!

“Then Matt had it in his hands – I couldn’t believe it. I was over the moon.

“They were such nice, gracious people, who go out of their way to help people.”